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AfDB approves $40m investment for Nigeria, others

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank has approved an equity investment of $40m in African economies. The $40m would be ploughed in the African Infrastructure Investment Fund, with a focus on acquiring positions of significant influence in roads, airports, rail links, bridges, ports, logistics, power generation, utility distribution, as well as telecommunications… READ MORE

Propane’s role in improving health, environmental standards

In India, Indonesia, China, parts of Africa and developing nations around the world, many women are spending hours every day cooking over flames fueled by wood, charcoal, animal dung or kerosene. In order to feed themselves and their families, they are exposed to deadly air pollutants produced by these fuels. According to the World Health Organization… READ MORE

Propane production consistently exceeding 2 million bpd

Propane production consistently exceeding 2 million bpd

Throughout the summer, we monitor inventory builds very carefully and provide data and analysis in our daily reports. By this time of year, we usually start monitoring heating degree-days and only report on the inventory data when the Weekly Petroleum Status Report from the Energy Information Administration is released. We typically make the switch when… READ MORE