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What We Do

We employ the best expertise in the industry to deliver transformative and productive results. We design, build, operate and manage skid plants, gas plants. We also build gas cylinders. We believe in a green future that will be safe for future generations

LPG Bulk Supply

We offer Bulk Supply of LPG to your tanks anywhere in Nigeria. We have bobtail trucks that are available to transport LPG from depots to any location where you have your plant.

Retail Services

We offer retail services with home pickup and delivery also included. Our customers experience prompt and swift service delivery with our service. We also attend to your technical needs in setup of LPG equipments in your home.

Plant Construction and Installation

We offer services for the constructions of various sizes of skid plants. we also co as far as business feasibility reports, acquire locations, setting up the plants and also management of the facility

Smart Gas Business

With our eco-friendly, auto-operational cutting-edge LPG (cooking gas) stock monitoring device, get an accurate and precise report/update of your LPG (cooking gas) stock level anywhere you are in the world in real time

Own a Gas Business in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Get in touch with us and inform us of your willingness to own your Gas Business

Step 2

We inquire on the size and get information based on your new Gas Business

Step 3

We Procure and Setup your plant based on your specifications using industry standards

Step 4

Launch your Gas Business and Start Earning

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