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Doowe.ng is an integrated LPG company with activities spanning across the LPG value chain, with core competencies in LPG retailing, Selling Gas Cylinders, LPG bulk supply/distribution, LPG plant construction and installation, Logistics solutions and integrated project management. The company is committed to the service needs of the B2B and B2C clients and with the aim of becoming the largest LPG servicing company in Nigeria.

Our core competence includes:

  • LPG retailing
  • LPG bulk supply/distribution
  • LPG plant construction and installation
  • Logistics solution and integrated project management

We are committed to the service needs of our business -to-business and business-to-customer clients as we aim to become the largest LPG servicing company in Nigeria and sub Saharan Africa.. With a core focus on quality and production improvements, we have successfully won significant governmental (as well as other) bids in several countries and were able to cater to the growing demand by supplying millions of cylinders over the years. This has further fueled our ability to excel and set the standard within the industry across the mentioned regions.

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Large expense of the Nigerian forest has been cleared for logging, timber export, subsistence agriculture and notably the collection of wood for fuel which remains problematic in West Africa. The annual rate of deforestation in Nigeria which is approximately 3.5%, which is between 350,000 and 400,000 Hectares per year.This informed the decision of the Federal Government of Nigeria to encourage the usage of LPG for domestic usage in the form of bottled gas as a substitute for firewood. The Founders James Atiti and Samuel Odiwe who previously partnered in previous ventures conceived the idea to work in line with the vision of the government to provide affordable Cooking gas in Nigeria by empowering Entrepreneurs to own mini gas retail plants to service local communities.

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Integrity and measurability  is key in our business

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