Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy 2019: Tesla Model 3

Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy 2019: Tesla Model 3

   The Tesla Model 3 is Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy 2019.

It’s the second time a Tesla product has won our annual award, which was captured by the Tesla Model S in 2013.

Many have called the Model 3 Tesla’s “iPhone moment.” But that was the Model S—the shock to an auto industry that had dismissed its very premise as unfeasible. The Model 3 looks well beyond that. It’s a brave, distinct product that makes no attempt to measure up to anything else on the road. And in some ways, it’s the future.

On design and engineering, the Model 3 is probably the most advanced electric car in the world. It’s the only entire platform we’re aware of for a mass-market vehicle that’s on the market now and currently can, with over-the-air updates, extensively change virtually all of its systems and driving parameters.

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Green World

We have mixed feelings about the Model 3 as a product. We’ve found little to fault so far (in limited time) in its driving manners. It handles like a quick, taut, precise sport sedan; rides quite well; and generally offers impressive packaging for passengers and cargo. But most of the questions and gripes surround the Model 3’s interior, its assembly quality, and the perceived quality of up-close details.

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